Asden the White Tiger

Asden is one of Oracles Game’s Hologram Mystic Creature


Every 100 years, the tigers of Partan gather for an annual rite–a competition to select the strongest and bravest among them. Of the 500 who participate in the tests of strength, speed, and cunning, only one emerges as a Guardian of the Tower.
Asden the White Tiger Playing Card - Oracles Game Hybrid Augmented Reality Board Game


The guardian of the West to the Tower, Asden is a powerful yet noble beast. As a champion selected among tigers, he is gifted with far more intelligence than his kin, able to think and communicate as a human can. He is also naturally fast and strong, able to scale sheer cliffs by running along the wall, and capable of bringing down even Black Armors with his claws. He is as silent as he is swift. If you hear Asden coming, it is already too late for you.

The tale of the tigers is a famous legend in Partan. In ancient times, the tigers hated the civilized races and treated them as prey. However, there came a time when one of them needed help. Oren the Tiger King once fell prey to a scorpion’s poison. As he lay dying, a young farm boy took pity on him and drew out his poison. This boy was the legendary Oracle Healer, Mauritius.

Oren and Mauritius became inseparable. Together, they traveled the land and got into many adventures, including defeating the Ironclaw Ogres and bringing life back to the Whispering Wastelands. The former farm boy’s name grew great throughout the realm, but he eventually left these adventures for a simpler life. He returned to farming, and the great tiger stayed by his side.

Before Mauritius died of old age, he made a request of Oren to keep helping humans. The great tiger made a solemn vow to do so. From that day onward, tigers were allies of men.

Years later, Augustus enlisted their help in the battle against the forces of the Dark. One tiger was selected among many to be the protector of the Tower of Light. This century, that tiger is Asden.

Asden holds a special rivalry with the Nightcrawler; he carries a hideous scar on his side where he had been gouged by the boar. Though they have clashed many times, neither one has defeated the other, and over time their grudge has only deepened. The most dangerous place in the world is between these two legendary beasts.

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