Cass & Cale

The Teleporter

The Teleporters are One of Oracles Game’s Nine Playing Characters

Cass & Cale

To the Thieves Guild they always seemed one step ahead of both the competition and the City Watch. It was like they could walk through walls. None could keep them out or keep them in.
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The Teleporters were thieves, and good ones. Hailing from the southern lands of Evermore, they migrated to the Imperial City to seek their fortune. But when they found the Imperial Galerians would not hire immigrants, they quickly turned to crimes to keep their ribs from meeting their spine.

They inadvertently discovered their powers the day they were almost cornered by the City Watch. Desperate, trapped in a blind alley, they found that they could create a portal leading to the rooftops of the city.

From then onward, the Teleporters realized they had the power of teleportation. By making portals, they can travel anywhere they have been before or has line of sight to.

A few months of training was enough to turn them into in experts at this skill. In less than half that time, they acquired notoriety as the city’s greatest thieves. Each week they stole a great deal of valuables from merchants and nobles. And while this made them rich quickly, they also became a victim of their own success.

The Thieves Guild hated their freelance ways and attempted to hunt them down. Meanwhile, the City Watch was always on the lookout for them. Soon, they were unable to sell their loot as the local fences would turn them away. Life became difficult once more.

This all changed when the civil war broke out. All of a sudden, the city was under siege and no one could leave. The Teleporters vowed to make the best of it and take off for safer havens, but then he witnessed the suffering and starvation of the citizens, and found themselve wanting to help.

So they would teleport in and out of the city to bring in supplies from the countryside or neighboring lands. Every day they would think about escaping, and everyday they would postpone it just a while longer to help the people in need.

In the end, Cass and Cale finally left the city to find a way to permanently end the war–even if it means joining up with a band of untested Oracles.


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