Dagon the Black Armor

Dagon is one of Oracles Game’s Hologram Mystic Creature


“We fear the loss of our paladins most, for every warrior lost from the Light means another warrior added to the forces of the Dark. But Dagon’s willing defection proves an all-too bitter blow for the Holy Orders.” — High Priest Ralyon Singh
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The Black Armor known as Dagon was once a great paladin, a member of the Order of St. Aurelius and protector of the realms. He used his might and fervor to drive away many vile creatures from the human kingdoms.

As any other man, he had desires outside of his Order. Against the High Priest’s wishes, he married and had children. For a while, he experienced a bliss he had never known as a holy warrior.

Then tragedy struck. His children fell victim to a plague that came seemingly out of nowhere. His elder daughter perished first, dying in her mother’s arms. When his son, his only remaining child, started showing symptoms as well, he turned to the priests for a miracle. But the priests gave him their regrets; the seemingly incurable plague was the will of heaven. And if the gods wanted these lives, then so it must be.

Furious and desperate, Dagon abandoned his vows and chased the only hope he had left–a bargain with the Dark Powers. So he entered the Dark Forest and sought out the tower where Immortus resided. Dagon succeeded in finding his way through–or perhaps he was allowed to succeed.

When they met, Immortus proposed a bargain: a life for a life; Dagon’s freedom for his son. Dagon agreed, and found himself instantly cursed as a Black Armor. Meanwhile, his son surprised both family and priests alike when he emerged from his sick bed, healthy and whole.

Dagon now serves as a guardian to the Dark Forest, slaying all intruders who seek the Tower. His transformation did nothing to temper his abilities; he remains as skilled a fighter as he was in life. However, deep in his heart where the corruption cannot reach, he prays that another hero would come forward to finally slay him and end his cursed existence.

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