Isla & Morgana

The Psychic

The Psychics Are One of Oracles Game’s Nine Playing Characters

Isla & Morgana

“They were in our head the instant we strode through the doorway. When I came too, I was surrounded by the bodies of my squad. We had cut each other to ribbons. I was the last one standing.” – Aristes, Greymist Assassin
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Isla and Morgana hail from the Greymist Clan, a race made up almost completely by mages. The Greymist Islands are an apt homeland, as the Greymen tend to be militant isolationists in the interest of protecting their magical secrets.

But even in a land full of mages hungry for knowledge, they became pariahs. As advanced mind mages, they had sought to discover the secrets of lowering a person’s defenses against mind control, a line of study prohibited among mages for its tendency towards abuse.

But the Psychics believed no study of magic should be taboo, that knowledge is beautiful and should be pursued for its own sake. Which was why they’d attempted to alter the memories of their arch-mage in order to allow her to continue their studies and experimentation. They were caught eventually, and were forced to flee Greymist for their lives.

Isla and Morgana must now continuously stay on the move, avoiding the justiciar mages sent to apprehend them. They had joined the other Oracles in the hope of finding another source of power that will allow them to pursue their studies.

Their powers allow them to take temporary control of another being, even an Oracle. Their victims will have no choice but to follow their commands for a period of time. This is their only edge, as they are physically weak and will not last long in direct combat.

Logical and unsentimental, Isla and Morgana do not believe in good and evil as concepts. The only true virtue is to pursue knowledge. They will stop at nothing to further their ambition of pushing the limits of mind control.


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