Maira & Arta

The Archer

Maira and Arta Are One of Oracles Game’s Nine Playing Characters

Maira & Arta

An arrow flew from the shadowy boughs of the oak tree and found the heart of the bandit leader. Before his body hit the ground, two more buried themselves in the bodies of his guards. The remaining bandits charged, but none reached the tree alive.
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Few archers in the history of Partan have attained such peerless skill as Maira and Arta of the Seline Tribe.

Maira  and Arta are not merely skilled, they have a tactical wit to accompany it. They could purposely miss a shot in order to set up a kill. In one tale, they shot at a warrior’s foot in order to get him to lower his shield; the instant he did, Maira and Arta shot him in the throat. In another, they shot arrows straight into the air before retreating from a heavily armored barbarian. When their attacker took their space, the arrow struck the least armored part of his body: the top of his head.

Maira and Arta hailed from the town of Arisia in the borders of Seline. They trained under a Bowmaster name Harlan Eitrie, an ex-soldier who had settled in town. Under his tutelage, they excelled in hunting and marksmanship.

They did not wish to participate in the civil war at first, preferring to protect their hometown instead. However, when they’d returned from a hunting trip, they found that their town had burned to the ground, their family and friends slaughtered by an invading Huron army.

From the survivors, they’d learned that it was none other than their own master, Harlan, who betrayed them and the town to aid the invaders in exchange for his own life. In anger, Maira and Arta joined the war in hopes of finding their erstwhile mentor and taking revenge on both him and the Hurons.

Despite their fame and skill, Maira and Arta are neither boastful nor proud. They are subdued, mostly keep to themselves, and is more at ease in the company of close friends or animals. They are intolerant of injustice and will fight invaders to their land. They have a particular enmity towards bandits and will hunt them down with little mercy.


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