Orcus the Black Armor

Orcus is one of Oracles Game’s Hologram Mystic Characters


One of the greatest fears of each adventurer is that they would end up serving the evil they try to vanquish. The Black Armor is one such nightmarish possibility. Formerly a warrior of the Light, this fiend has been cursed to kill those who enter the Black Tower.
Orcus the Black Armor Playing Card - Oracles Game Hybrid Augmented Reality Board Game


Black Armors are both feared and pitied amongst the mortal kingdoms, for Black Armors were once men. Each for their own reasons, these unfortunate souls set off into the Dark Forest seeking the Black Tower. One by one, they fell to the corruption within.

Orcus was once such adventurer. A knight of the Empire, he had grown great in both stature and renown. The Emperor himself had awarded Orcus a title and land for defending the realm against the invading Nanban barbarians.

Orcus could have retired to a good life but did not wish to. He preferred challenge and constant achievement. Thus he took on the most daunting quest of all–to kill the evil dragon, Hellmaw.

For days, he wandered the evil wood and met not a single soul. Strange animals greeted his eye, but they all fled at his approach. Though he called out for the dragon, none accosted him and he found nothing to attack. He spent days wandering the wood. His nights were filled with evil dreams that prevented him from resting well. Try as he might to escape the wood, he found himself trapped, wandering in circles among the trees.

Eventually, Orcus did finally manage to meet Hellmaw, but being tired, thirsty, and starving, he could not muster the strength to defeat the dragon. After a short combat, Hellmaw killed Orcus’s steed and forced the knight to retreat into the wood.

Without food or water, Orcus grew desperate. He knew he needed to get his strength back so he could win. So did what the wise folk warned him not to do–he drank from a stream within the Dark Forest itself and ate the berries from a bush. The Dark Forest’s curse descended upon him, robbing him of his life and soul. It was then that Immortus himself appeared before Orcus and ushered him into his personal guard. Only then did Orcus realize how neatly he had fallen into the trap of his blind ambition.

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