Rotfang the Snake

Rotfang is one of Oracles Game’s Hologram Mystic Creature


So great is the dragons’ respect for Thalia’s memory that, thousands of years later, they dare not attack the one who possesses her eggs.
Rotfang the Snake Playing Card - Oracles Game Hybrid Augmented Reality Board Game


Rotfang is the giant serpent that guards the north way into the Tower of Light. Little is known of the history of this creature but for the journals of the great hero, Sargon.

Originally, Rotfang was part of a mythical beast, the Hydra. This ancient abomination existed since the primordial time of Partan. Starting with seven heads, this seemingly immortal creature regenerates two heads when one is cut off. Being nearly impossible to kill, it existed at the top of the food chain, terrorizing the clans and kingdoms that opposed it.


Eventually after numerous battles, the Hydra was finally defeated by Sargon of the Ermine Kingdom. Sargon used the Terminus sword, a blade that prevents wounds from healing. Thus, he was able to slay all the heads, except for one. The main head remained along with the body, and this, Sargon took back with him for study.

For most of his life, Sargon studied the Hydra remnant, hoping to discover its origins and stop other creatures from turning into something similar. Eventually he named the creature Rotfang. He did not treat it badly, always feeding it wild game and speaking with it, and eventually even allowing it outside its cage.


Over the years, Rotfang lost its aggression towards Sargon and began treating him with affection. Though Sargon learned nothing of the creature’s nature, he nevertheless gained a friend.

It came to pass that Sargon died of natural causes. Distraught and friendless, Rotfang left their home and crawled into the wood, where it hibernated within the husk of a tree. It was here that Augustus found it.

Sensing its need for companionship, Augustus befriended Rotfang. He then led the creature to help with his group of guardians. Thus was how the last remaining Hydra in the world became a guardian of the Tower of Light.

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