Syryn the Sea Dragon

Syryn is one of Oracles Game’s Hologram Mystic Creature


“The Wavecutter was a powerful ship of the line, with sixteen guns and a crew of 230 men. Not even a storm could sink her. So when she left port for a week-long journey and never made it home, no one had any doubt as to what had befallen her.” — Captain Teru Sulaiman
Syryn the Sea Monster Card - Oracles Game Hybrid Augmented Reality Board Game


One of a sailor’s greatest fears is to look down from a ship’s prow and gaze into an enormous pair of glowing, coral eyes staring up from the deep. Thanks to Syryn, that has been the last thing many sailors have seen before their deaths.

Syryn is an enormous serpentine creature, nearly 150 ft in length and weighing close to 30 tons. It has a pair of strong arms that end in webbed claws used for catching prey. Syryn is capable of breathing a jet of boiling water and steam, vicious enough to knock down and kill a small crew. But for the most part, it simply coils its body around its victims and crushes them. It is strong enough to wrap around and sink even frigates.

No one knows for certain how Syryn came into being, but legends have it that it originated from an experiment by a wizard attempting to create life. He was not, however, able to contain this new life form, which soon outgrew its container and swallowed its creator whole. His failure led to deaths of untold thousands.

Syryn has been the bane of many a sailor and sea merchant, and it is even known to travel up rivers and attack towns, villages, and bridges. Armies have been deployed to deal with the monster, but for years it has managed to elude them.

As such, the kings of the individual realms have erected gated dams to try and stop the creature from using rivers to penetrate deeper into their lands. All travelers have been warned: remain watchful when traveling near bodies of flowing water. As for adventurers, a bounty has been offered to anyone who can put an end to this menace.

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