How Augmented Reality Is Disrupting the World of Board Games

Augmented Reality Is Evolving Into An Absolute Game Changer In The Sphere Of Board Gaming

Point your smartphone at the sky to see a map of constellations or hold it up at a baseball game to view player info on a real-time basis. In the modern era of augmented reality, impossible is nothing as this stellar technology superimposes computer generated images on the camera-screen view of the user’s real world. Silicon Valley big shots such as Facebook and Apple have understood the worth of augmented reality in upcoming days which is why they have decided to invest heavily in the same.

This technology uses an AR headset or your smartphone camera and screen for embedding virtual objects in real world scenarios to teleport you into your world of fantasies. In spite of being at a nascent stage of development, augmented reality is proving out to be a compelling option thus finding its acceptance in a variety of applications. Be it the animated faces of Apple’s Animoji or the exciting Snapchat filters which can make you look like anything ranging from a cute faced cat to a deeply freckled baby, you are bound to have come across augmented reality in one way or the other.

A large number of interior decoration and home design applications are also implementing this dynamic technology for helping customers in visualizing how their home re-modelling would actually look like. Raging from colour schemes to furnishing materials, you can mix and match amongst the options provided in a realistic manner to have a clear notion of the end picture beforehand.

And then there is Pokémon Go, the biggest name which made augmented reality a household phenomenon. The record-breaking success of this game which was celebrated both amongst young and adult users showcased the very potential augmented reality holds in upcoming days. AR helmets are now being offered by Hasbro and Disney for turning into Iron Man and battling with other cyborgs or entering into a Star Wars clone battle.

The latest entrant in the field of augmented reality is the iOS game Star Wars: Jedi Challenges which allows its users to engage in a holographic chess game technically termed as “Dejarik” popularized during the Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Here an image similar to a circular game board is projected onto a flat surface and is accompanied by animated creature game pieces which can be moved over the board from one space to another. This game is nothing short of a dream come true for Star Wars fans who can now experience the thrilling reality on this fantastic universe sitting at the comfort of their home. However, it is advised to team up your AR gaming session with a Lenovo headset for making the most out of this exhilarating experience. This intriguing holographic board game serves as a striking example of what we can expect out of tabletop games in upcoming days.

Old tabletop favourites such as Monopoly, chess and Settlers of Catan are also getting a swanky new makeover with the advent of augmented reality. Murder-mystery classic like The Game Of Life and Clue have already made a transition from real-life to mobile gaming by delivering a whole new level of experience compared to the standard board games. Versatile features such as sound effects or animations are expanding the traditional gaming feel without losing the original feel.

In a way similar to mobile gaming, AR will do away with the requirement of having all the other players physically present in a room for engaging in a multi-player game. By drawing relevance from the fantasy world, you wish to become a part of, these games can tag along a realistic feel as you can see all the things happening right in front of your eyes. Compared to their real-world counterparts, the AR board games offer an array of advantages as they completely eliminate the requirement of complicated board set up and foot-piercing pieces which you have to round up and put away after usage.

Coupled with these augmented reality board games, you can engage in your favourite titles with your friends for company whether or not they are in the same room. You can even pause and pick up game hours on passage of days and even weeks from the time when it was first started. You can think of it to be a lot like correspondence chess where players can email, phone or snail-mail their moves to their opponents in a 21st century setting.

Several start-ups have been focusing lately on the vast potential of AR tabletop game systems although some of them require the backing of special game board, playing pieces or cards to unleash their full potential. Hologrid: Monster Battle funded by Kickstarter brings card characters to life by implementing augmented reality and blending the action of board games with the visual effects of video games. Introduction of tools such as Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit are providing developers with newer means of building augmented reality games without the requirement of any proprietary real-world counterparts.

Nothing can quite suffice the hands-on feel of rolling the dice over the gaming board with your best friends for company. AR versions will ensure that this fun continues even if you cannot reach your friend’s house due to extreme weather conditions or maybe some health issues.