Game Review with MiniWar Gaming

Another exciting game review for Oracles Game….

Here our Founder, Sean is in Welland Ontario promoting Oracles Game with Luka from MiniWar Gaming. The entire filming process took the entire day for the interview, AR demo, and the game review. But the video turned out great!

Sean did a short interview with MiniWar Gaming explaining his inspiration and how he’d came up with idea for Oracles Game. After the interview, we went into demoing and showing how the Augmented Reality (AR) mobile application works; this was the latest development work for the app.

The last thing on the agenda was the game play and review between Sean and Luka. They’d explored all the characters’s abilities including the Super-power characters and the game mechanic in depth. After the many iterations, the game mechanic had improved quite a bit to make it really enjoyable for game board players.  Even though it was a close match, Luka ended up winning in the end.

Check out the full game play below: